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Diablo 3 Full Cinematic Debuts at Spike VGAs

On 10 December the Spike VGAs will take place and Blizzard gamers are in for […]

Neverwinter Story Trailer

It’s been a while since we saw something of Cryptic’s  Free to play MMO Neverwinter […]

Lord of the rings Online Update #5
Lord of the Rings Online Update 5 Shots

Hot off the press from Turbine are new screens for Lord of the Rings Update […]

Book of cain
Blizzard Dates the Diablo 3 Book of Cain

The release date for the rather fancy illustrated Book of Cain for Diablo 3 has […]

Do Not Uninstall Your Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Client

Stephen Read from Bioware posted a couple of tweets informing players that they should not […]

World of Warcraft WoW Logo
World of Warcraft v4.3 Deploying – Patch Notes

The long-awaited WoW v4.3 patch is finally going live as Blizzard prepare by taking the […]

Skyrim PS3 Patch Deployed – PC and 360 Patch Expected Tomorrow

PS3 players will have noticed the patch go live yesterday but PC and 360 gamers […]

Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online Season 5: Call to Arms Detailed

The latest deveoper blog (#24) on the Star Trek Online website focuses on Season 5: […]

Kotik Takes a Subtle Pop at EA and SWTOR

Speaking with Reuters at the Reuters media Summit, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotik has taken […]

swtor feature
Quick SWTOR Post Beta Test Thoughts

The Beta weekend is now over and it’s been a positive experience for the majority […]

The Secret World
How will the Secret World Differ from other MMOs?

The second part of Rockpapershotgun’s hands-on preview is now live and in this installment they […]

Maple Story
MapleStory Accounts Compromised

Nexon is the latest company to come under a hacking attack according to the Korean […]

100+ Ways to Die in Skyrim

It’s amusing RPG video time and these two videos from Hunter have some pretty funny […]

MMOReport Drops in on Guild Wars 2 Voice Acting Session

The latest MMOReport popped into a Guild Wars 2 voice recording session recently to catch […]

SWTOR Jedi Consular
Star Wars: The Old Republic Jedi Consular Trailer

I’ve managed to drag myself away from the SWTOR Beta test and spotted that Bioware […]