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Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

Being an MMO, the game never really ends so adding a score for Star Wars: […]

Star Wars The Old Republic Logo
Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Bioware has posted the v1.0.2  Public Test Server patch notes for SWTOR and thankfully they are […]

World of Warcraft Celebrating New Year Today

If you’re gaming tonight at midnight then you may want to be in Azeroth to […]

MMOReport Bloopers Edition

You occassionally get to see some of the bloopers in the MMOReport at the end […]

RPG Coverage Round-up 31 Dec

SWTOR Review on GameBanshee Reviews Skyrim MechWarrior Online interview on 3 Moves Ahead Podcast […]

RPG Coverage Round-up 29 December

No doubt you are all still in couch potato mode this week and it’s been […]

Bioware’s Stephen Reid Answers Eveything on SWTOR

Bioware’s head CM Stephen Reid hit Reddit for an ask him anything session and the […]

Guild Wars Winds of Change
Guild Wars Live Team Winds of Change Interview – Part 1

An interview with the Guild Wars Live team has been posted on our sister site […]

warcraft winter veil
Get Your WoW Feast of Winter Veil Sweater

The festive season always brings treats to Azeroth and players can snag a Gaudy Winter […]

Star Wars The Old Republic Logo
EA Releases More Star Wars: The Old Republic Figures

A press release from EA brings more stats for the The Old Repunlic which are […]

The Top 25 Games of 2011 Concluding

I hope you have been keeping an eye on the IncGamers’ Top 25 Games of […]

Season’s Greeting from The RPG Reporter

The big day has arrived so I hope you all have a safe and happy […]

Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Numbers So Far & Future Plans

As we head into Christmas Day, over the past 24 hours there have been a […]

Win GuildWars Wintersday Costumes

The guys at GWOnline.Net are running a competition to win double packs of the very […]

dust 514
EVE Players Can Now Sign-up for Dust 514 Beta

Some good news for EVE players who want to take part in the Dust 514 […]