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Happy Holidays From TERA Producer

It’s winding down week for the industry in general but it’s nice to see a […]

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Universe Online Now Called Marvel Heroes

So we now have Marvel Heroes coming from Gazillion Entertainment which is a better choice of […]

Champions Online Unveils New ‘Jedi-like’ Archetype

We are assuming that this new archetype called The Unleashed is an homage to SWTOR. […]

Star Wars The Old Republic Logo
SWTOR Could Have Over 1 Million Players Already

With the game actually launching tomorrow, and the early starters now in the game, there […]

Monday 19th RPG Coverage Round-up

SWTOR Looks to overthrow WoW on the Telegraph Massively Guild Wars 2 Interview Guild […]

Win an Eligium: The Chosen One Closed Beta Key

We have teamed up with Frogster to give you the chance to win a closed […]