RIFT Developer Q&A

Hot on the heels of recent interviews, a RIFT developer Q&A session has been posted on the official RIFT site to try and answer some of the questions that have been raised by the community. The update includes comments on the upcoming wedge that is going to be forced between the two factions, features for roleplayers, the powerful creatures of Ember Isle and more.

A recent interview hinted at “driving a wedge” between Guardians and Defiants – anymore details you can share yet? Inquiring minds want to know!

Ever read a news article that took one tiny bit of information and blew it up out of context for a catchy title? Happens to RIFT too! This statement was made in the context of the World Event being planned for RIFT’s first anniversary – during which a schism develops which results in Guardian and Defiant NPC’s getting into a drunken brawl (too much merrymaking). During this chaos PvP will be an optional method to the madness, but those who wish to stay strictly PvE are more than able to.

Of course, what would a world event be without a culminating massive planar invasion that challenges the two sides to come together for the greater good? Until then – check out the article for more general info about what we’ve been working on!