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We have just wrapped up our most anticipated RPG vote and with some of this year’s big MMO releases about to go into Beta testing, we have put together out shortlist of most anticipated MMOs for 2012. Some of these we know will be released this year while others are still waiting for a final release date but we think these will be the ones to watch. We have provided information on the titles in our list below so check all that out before casting your vote.

Which of these is your most anticipated 2012 MMORPG? (Pick up to 3)

  • Guild Wars 2 (67%, 4,408 Votes)
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (23%, 1,479 Votes)
  • The Secret World (20%, 1,317 Votes)
  • TERA (10%, 680 Votes)
  • Neverwinter (4%, 256 Votes)
  • Firefall (3%, 218 Votes)
  • Planetside 2 (3%, 187 Votes)
  • Wildstar (2%, 125 Votes)
  • Marvel Heroes (2%, 120 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,554

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World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria

Call it MoP or event the Panda Pack, Blizzard plan to excite fans once again with their latest expansion to the hugely popular MMO. In this installment of the WoW, The Paneran race is introduced along with a new class, the Monk. Also being revamped is the Talent system and there’s even the introduction of Battle Pets. With any luck this expansion will bring some life back to the world’s most popular MMO.


Frogster will be bringing the MMO to the European market and this one differs from most with a no auto-target combat system that is really fun to play. For those you you looking for real power in a virtual world the game introduces a political system where you can rule over your subjects. Nice idea I think you’ll agree.

Guild Wars 2

It’s been along time coming and ArenaNet are taking the time to get this sequel right. ArenaNet want this to be “the best MMO ever” and those who have seen it in action have been more than impressed with the work ArenaNet has done on the game so far. With the Beta test just around the corner there is a  lot of excitement surrounding the release.

The Secret World

Funcom’s next big MMO is quite different from your regular fantasy MMO fair. Set in modern-day where anything can happen, the game is steeped in folklore and conspiracy theories. It’s trying something new and original with the genre with no classes or  levels, and of all the MMOs on our list, we think this could offer something quite different.

Planetside 2

 SOE are set to reboot the original MMO shooter with a modern remake that should please fans of the action MMO genre. The footage we have seen looks very impressive, and if SOE get this right, it could do brilliantly.


The very stylish looking MMO from Carbine Studios promises adventures in futuristic fantasy universe. The game certainly looks great but there’s not been much too see of the game since it was revealed back in August 2011 at GamesCom.


Cryptic Studios are set bring D&D back with Neverwinter, their free to play MMO which was originally going to be a co-operative multiplayer title but that has now changed. Information on the current iteration of the game is scare but it is expected to be released later this year.

Marvel Heroes

Release date: TBC
Beta Test: TBC

Originally called Marvel Universe Online, the name recently changed to Marvel Heroes. Gazillion Entertainment, who created Marvel Superhero Squad Online, are now at the helm of the superhero MMO. No release date for this one yet but we’ll add it to the pool.


Red 5 Studios’ free to play MMO shooter looks to be shaping up nicely and could so well if action MMO players embrace it when the lengthy Beta test concludes. If you’re looking to to take part in an online campaign set in an  open world with character progression then this could be for you.



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  • Wildstar looks like it would be a really good animated movie, but not so good mmo

  • GW2 is clearly the superior one in this list, it’s also clear neverwinter looks more like a 90′s RTS…….. :|

  • The Secret World beta has been live since January 

  • Looking forward to The Secret World. It’s fresh, love the concept, and it could have the wow factor that other generic mmorpgs don’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • I’m really looking forward to The Secret World. The level- and classless approach looks nice. Combined with the unusual setting in the horror genre it’s something suited for me.
    As for sorudo’s comment on GW2 being the superior one in this list… I would be really careful about such comments. The hype on GW2 is overwhelming already. That’s something that distracts me because I’m already annoyed by all the GW2 hype in most gaming forums and also I don’t think it will, or even can, deliver what so many people think it will deliver.

    • The nice thing about GW2 is that the developers won’t talk about a feature until they have it in the game and working.  Their claims have been verified by people playing the demo at several recent Cons as well a Fan Day event. 

      The press has a beta now and will be allowed to release their write-ups on it Monday, Feb 20th, so that will be the true test, to see if the praise continues to flow, or if some potential pitfalls are made apparent. 

      I have high hopes the game will live up to everyone’s excitement, as it could usher in a different kind of MMO, but I will wait to see what the press has to say on the 20th.

    • There’s a difference with the approach ArenaNet is taking. They aren’t showing us anything until its perfect. The polish they want to push before the release shows how amazing GW2 will be.

      You wont find any other mmo company that strives for that type of polish even before a beta. 

    • Normally i would deffinately agree with you, but this isnt the typical baseless promises of new mmos we’re so used to, The reason each piece of info (and probably the hype all together) comes bit by bit is because they give us information on GW2′s features when, and only when it’s ready, implemented, and they’re completely happy with it.
      The only thing people should really be worried about right now is WvWvW, as there isn’t alot of official info about it, But i’m not even worried about that, it’s going to be a very hard thing to make right and I’m glad they’re taking so long to perfect it

  • What  I am looking forward to in TSW is having to solve puzzles by looking for clues online, it’s a neat idea and I hope they use it quite a bit.

  • The list is a fail, ARCHEAGE is missing from it, but… kinda true that it wont be released in 2012 in EU/US :(

  • Yeah son! GW2 right on type where it should be

  • I know that Neverwinter will be free-to-play, WoW and TERA have monthly subscriptions and GW2 is buy-to-play. What about the other games?

  • Good list. Currently topping my list is The Secret World. I’m hoping it will keep my interest for an extended period. If not GW2 is a close second, and I know I will be playing it as well.
    I’m surprised Tera got as many votes as it did., Legal battles and Frogster being so big in the Pay to Win format. Two things that make me leery of the title at launch.

    • Tbh i figured Tera would have stomped TSW, Although TSW has a really cool setting n a pretty sweet story from what i can tell also no classes/levels sounds cool, but i just didn’t expect those to be as positive for people as Tera’s combat is
      Oh well GW2 is miles ahead of both of em xD

  • lol, Guild Wars 2.. It’s not even a competition

  • GW2 I haven’t and already i love you *_*

  • Tera, Pandaland, and GW2, no challenge.

  • GW2; Tera; The Secret world.

  • CCP is releasing the game Dust 514 this year. CCP is the company behind the EVE online MMO.

    Dust 514 is sorely lacking in publicity though :( 

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