NCSoft Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for New Titles

Epic and NCSoft have signed a new licensing deal for the unreal 3 Engine for NCSoft’s upcoming titles. The only title mentioned that is being developed on the engine is Blade&Soul but it comes as no surprise that NCSoft will continue to use the engine following the use of the Unreal 2 engine in Lineage 2. This latest deal is apparently the largest Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal in Asia to date.

“It has been possible for us to harness all our energy and put it toward the creativity of the games themselves by developing ‘Lineage II’ and ‘Blade and Soul’ with Unreal Engine,” said Hyungjun Kim, vice president of NCsoft. “I believe we can pull the most out of the engine through the know-how that has accumulated through our experience with this superior game engine.”

“Equipping the brilliant creative minds at NCsoft with cutting-edge tools and features will bring even more visually stunning, high-quality entertainment to millions of players,” said Ray Park, territory manager of Epic Games Korea. “Already having worked more than a decade with NCsoft, we look forward to continuing our close cooperation with them for many more years to come.”