Vanguard Going Free to Play

As SOE move more titles to a free to play model, Vanguard is the latest game to get the F2P treatment as announced by Director of Development Andy Sites in the latest producer letter. Andy is also excited by the fact that about the new development team members as they plan to grow the team further.

At SOE, giving players choices is the theme of how we’re moving forward as a company. We see free-to-play (or as we refer to it, Free to Play. Your Way.) as a big part of our future and we like the flexibility it offers players. Therefore, I’m happy to announce Vanguard will be the next in line of our AAA games to make this transition.  Since we’ve literally just begun on the work, I’m not ready to go into much detail.  However, I will say that you can expect something similar to EverQuestEverQuest II and DC Universe Online when we roll-out our free-to-play offering this summer.  Once we have more information to share, you’ll be the first to know.

Vanguard has had a decent run so far after launching back in 2007. More info can also be found in the F2P FAQ