Costumes, Gilgamesh, and Little Blue Aliens Decend Upon Final Fantasy 13-2′s Upcoming DLCs

Starting on April 10, four new DLCs will be available for Final Fantasy XIII-2. As of yet, these DLCs have only been announced for Japan. Two new costumes will be available in the release. Serah’s new costume, which was designed by AKB48 member, Yuko Oshima, will be available for free. Noel’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations inspired costume which was announced in December will be available for 300 Yen on the PlayStation Network and 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. Additionally, two new Coliseum Battles will be available for purchase. The Gilgamesh battle is priced at 400 Yen on the PlayStation Network and 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, while the PuPu battle is priced at 200 Yen on the PlayStation Network and 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

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