Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Resurges With New Maps, Classes, Races, and Weapons

Mass Effect 3‘s Multiplayer will be having its first DLC on April 10. The Resurgence Pack DLC will include two new maps. The new Firebase Condor map will take place in a warzone located on one of Palaven’s moons while Firebase Hydra takes place in a power facility that was formerly an abandoned quarian colony. Additionally, each class will be receiving new unlockable characters. The Resurgence Pack DLC will include a new Asari Justicar Adept, Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard, Batarian Soldier, Batarian Sentinel, Geth Engineer, and Geth Infiltrator. Players will also be able to further ready themselves for the new challenge as the Striker Assault Rifle, Kishock Harpoon Gun and Geth Plasma SMG weapons will be included in the DLC. Also new consumables such as a Strength Enhancer, Targeting VI, Stabilization Module, and Shield Power Cells will be available for purchase in the multiplayer store.

The Resurgence Pack DLC will be available for download free of charge on Origin, the PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live in North America on April 10 and in Europe on April 11.