Skyrim Picks up Game of the Year at Golden Joysticks

Today in London the 2012 Golden Joystick awards took place and  Skyrim managed to scoop the Ultimate Game of the Year award. Diablo 3 did not fare quite so well getting beaten by Skyrim in the best RPG category and it also came third for the Ultimate Game of the Year award. The full list of winners were…

  • Best Action Game - Arkham City
  • Best Mobile /Tablet - Angry Birds Space
  • Best Strategy - Civilization V: Gods and Kings
  • Best Downloadable Game - Minecraft XBLA
  • Best Fighter - Mortal Kombat
  • Best Shooter - Battlefield 3
  • Best MMO - World of Tanks
  • Best Handheld - Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Top Gaming Moment - Skyrim’s Throat of the World
  • One to Watch - Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Best DLC Award – Portal 2
  • Best RPG – Skyrim
  • YouTube Gamer of the Year - Yogscast
  • Ultimate Game of the Year – Skyrim