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Dragon Age Inquisition
New Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay footage

Combat, locations and one impressive looking dragon.

Final Fantasy XIII developer diary episode 1 Inside the Square – The Making of Lightning Returns

The first in a series of FFXIII developer diaries awaits your return.

Gheldia QA with Phillip Hunt
16-bit Zelda style RPG Gheldia QA with Phillip Hunt

Delve deep into the lands of Aria as Phillip Hunt talks about his 2D 16-bit RPG Gheldia with details on lore, weapons, design and more.

Action-combat MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet reveals dragon-sized screenshots

Despite today down-sizing of SOE, they’ve have revealed some large dragon-sized screenshots for you.

Summer events of Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter online revealed

There’s something fun simmering in the summer time, playing something fresh, chasing bacon too!

Edge of Eternity turn-based RPG inspired by FFVII combat system era

Fancy a mixture of space, medieval and steampunk style universe with FFVII era inspirations?

Dwarf Quest 2 Morrin Firebeard
Proud dwarven warrior Morrin Firebeard returns in Dwarf Quest 2

Love dwarves, axes and dungeon crawling? Check out Dwarf Quest 2.

FFXIV servers down
Square Enix digital sales paused by huge launch response for FFXIV

Final hurdle XIV A Realm halted: digital sales paused by huge launch response.

soe logo
SOE hit by staff layoffs

SOE decide to “streamline” their employee base as staff are let go.

Always Sometimes Monsters a game of ethics and morality

Ethics and morality a compelling game aiming to ask what would you do.

dragon age inquisition
Dragon Age Keep lets you customise your historical background

Customise your Dragon Age Inquisition backstory with this new system.

Guild Wars 2
ArenaNet show the first year of Guild Wars 2 in new infographic

Loads of copies sold and the future looks good for ArenaNet’s MMO. Marvel at the infographic.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn digital sales halted

Stop! We need more servers. Square take action.

Iron Invasion update brings full-scale warfare for Shaiya

Episode Seven for Shaiya brings full-scale warfare in this F2P MMORPG.

Gheldia QA with Phillip Hunt
Gheldia 16-bit RPG sets up to slay rivals at PAX Prime 2013

16-bit Zelda style RPG Gheldia ready to hit Pax Prime