TERA Going Free to Play in Europe and North America in February


Beginning in February, TERA will be free to play in both Europe and North America. As Gameforge had announced last month, there will be three ways for European players to enjoy the game: as a free user, a veteran user, and through the TERA club. For players who plan on playing for free, the only limitations they will encounter in the game would be through the number of character slots and safe deposits. Whereas players who have previously purchased TERA would be automatically ranked as Veterans and have access to various features such as 8 character slots, all deposit slots, and a special in-game title. TERA Club subscription holders will be similar to players who are currently subscribed. They will gain the ability of having shorter cooldown times on dungeons.increased character experience, and they will also receive an epic mount.

North American TERA fans will also have three different tiers of users. Players who opt for the free to play option will be part of Standard players who are limited to two character slots per server, limited bank slots, and will need to pay various ingame fees and taxes. Elite players are for those who choose to subscribe to the game for $14.99 a month and will include abilities such as shorter cooldown times for dungeons. Founder players is essentially a permanent Elite status and is limited to fans who have purchased or redeemed a copy of the game.