New Dark Souls II QA revealed from Gamescom

Dark Souls 2 combat

It’s been a while since players have had some Dark Souls II info, so if you’re looking for new Dark Souls II info then your soul has come to the right place. A Q&A video interview from Namco at Gamescom with new director Yui Tanimura reveals their aims for Dark Souls II as well as some very interesting gameplay.

Whilst we’re looking forward to the new animation, co-op mechanics and multiplayer systems, the game appears as hard as ever but be warned, some gameplay spoilers are present, so if you don’t want to see some of the surprises that await you in Dark Souls II, then it’s best to skip this video. Along with Yui Tanimura, Tomohiro Shibuya is also interestingly taking over from Hidetaka Miyazaki who directed Demon’s Souls.

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