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Incgamers 2012 Awards
Vote for Best MMO and RPG

The 2012 Readers’ Awards are now live and votes are being taken now for […]

19 December 2012 | Comments Off

MMO Revenues 2012
Free to Play MMO Revenues Increase

The latest MMO market analysis from SuperData Research and Newzoo, indicates that the free to […]

13 July 2012 | Comments Off

Michale Pachter
MMORPG Market Has Peaked Says Pachter

He’s known for his predictions (which are not always right I might add) and today […]

11 July 2012 | Comments Off

Diablo 3
Commodities Launch in the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House

Blizzard are almost there with the real money auction house system in Diablo 3. This […]

10 July 2012 | Comments Off

lego minifigures
Funcom Developing LEGO MMO

Fucom has signed a ddeal with LEGO to develop a new MMO based on the […]

28 June 2012 | Comments Off

The Elder Scrolls Goes Online In New MMO

It was only a matter of time before The Elder Scrolls experience went MMO and […]

3 May 2012 | Comments Off

War of the Immortals: Lost Omen Announced

Perfect World has announced the first expansion for their online action RPG War of the […]

26 April 2012 | Comments Off

Closed Beta Begins for MMO Shooter Grimlands

gamigo and Drago Entertainment have announced that the Beta for their MMO shooter Grimlands starts today. This first […]

26 April 2012 | Comments Off

MMOReport Takes a Break

The final MMOReport from G4 for a while has been released covering some of this […]

13 April 2012 | Comments Off

Warhammer MMO
Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium no longer an MMO – Staff Lose Jobs

THQ has decided to change their Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium MMO to a single player  game […]

30 March 2012 | Comments Off

MMOReport – WoW Panda Pack Edition

With the Beta test now underway, the MMOReport head to Blizzard to talk to J […]

23 March 2012 | Comments Off

blizzard logo
Room for Two Successful Blizzard MMOs Says Chilton

Speaking to the OCRegister about Mists of Pandaria and the top secret Titan project, game […]

20 March 2012 | Comments Off

MMOReport for 15 March

Uncle Casey is back with this week’s MMOReport which covers TERA, Guild Wars 2 pre-orders, […]

16 March 2012 | Comments Off

MMOReport Check out RIFT v1.8 Update

The MMOReport has been spending time up at TRION and in this week’s show they […]

9 March 2012 | Comments Off

MMOs Now Streaming on Gaikai

The latest news from the cloud gaming service Gaikai is that they’ve partnered with Warner […]

8 March 2012 | Comments Off