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Action-combat MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet reveals dragon-sized screenshots

Despite today down-sizing of SOE, they’ve have revealed some large dragon-sized screenshots for you.

Mabinogi Iria Saga
Episode 8 arrives for Iria Saga series for F2P MMORPG Mabinogi

Filling the holes in the Iria Saga series of Mabinogi, episode 8 continues the story.

Guild Wars 2
Cash for war: Guild Wars 2 becomes fastest selling MMORPG in history

Guild Wars 2 becomes fastest selling MMORPG in history, also to expand into China.

Xsyon sandbox MMORPG
Sandbox MMORPG Xsyon lets players grab prizes in GM based events.

Grab prizes in sandbox MMORPG Xsyon game-master led event’s.

Wurm Online
An artist’s soul: MMORPG Wurm Online concept album series revealed

Does music immerse you in a gaming world? Try the first in a series of Wurm Online’s OST.

Aura Kingdoms
New F2P MMORPG Aura Kingdoms revealed by Aeria Games at Otakon 2013

Aura Kingdoms an anime-styled F2P MMORPG shows off a new world.

EverQuest Next
SOE reveals Everquest Next – The future of the MMORPG?

Are SOE on the right track and advancing MMORPG genre? Will EverQuest Next move it forward?

Project Titan “unlikely to be subscription based MMO” says Blizzard

Still no real details but at least we know Project Titan is either F2P or not an MMO.

Black Desert MMORPG by Pearl Abyss
Pearly new MMORPG Black Desert seeks western publisher for EU

Seeking new lands to explore, Pearl Abyss are looking to publish Black Desert in the EU.

Legends of Firestorm MMO aRPG starts Kickstarter funding

Hack-n-slash skill-based MMO aRPG Legends of Firestorm starts Kickstarter funding.

Carbine Talk Wildstar MMO Servers

So how does all this MMO server stuff work? Wildstar and Carbine’s David Ray has decided […]

Incgamers 2012 Awards
Vote for Best MMO and RPG

The 2012 Readers’ Awards are now live and votes are being taken now for […]

MMO Revenues 2012
Free to Play MMO Revenues Increase

The latest MMO market analysis from SuperData Research and Newzoo, indicates that the free to […]

Michale Pachter
MMORPG Market Has Peaked Says Pachter

He’s known for his predictions (which are not always right I might add) and today […]

Diablo 3
Commodities Launch in the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House

Blizzard are almost there with the real money auction house system in Diablo 3. This […]