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RIFT Job Losses at TRION

It’s not been long since the Storm Legion expansion was released and there’s some bad […]

12 December 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT Dimensions on Show in New Video

One of the cool new features being added to the RIFT: Storm Legion expansion is […]

11 October 2012 | Comments Off

Rift Storm Legion
Rift v1.11 Detailed and Play Free From 7-11 November

As we get closer to the release of the RIFT: Storm Legion expansion next month, […]

10 October 2012 | Comments Off

Rift Storm Legion
RIFT Storm Legion Gets Release Date & Pre-orders

Some big news for RIFT fans today as the first expansion Storm Legion has been […]

5 September 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT: Storm Legion Dev Diary Video

Just ahead of Gamescom, TRION has released a new developer diary for the upcoming expansion […]

10 August 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT Storm Legion
RIFT Storm Legion Mage Soul reveal on Twitch

TRION will be holding a special reveal on their Twitch channel for the Storm Legion […]

9 August 2012 | Comments Off

TRION Bring Rift: Storm Legion Expansion and Defiance PvP to Gamescom

TRION are going to have a very busy Gamescom this year. On show for the […]

7 August 2012 | Comments Off

TRION Invites Player Back to RIFT For Free Session From Today

From today, players are being invited back to the world of Telara and RIFT to […]

25 July 2012 | Comments Off

TRION Shows Off RIFT Storm Legion Art

You’ll have to wait until the end of the year to get a taste of […]

16 July 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT’s Conquest v1.9 Patch Notes

The latest update to RIFT (v1.9) is gong live and this is the ninth content […]

27 June 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT Conquest Coming Next Week

The ninth update to TRION’s MMO RIFT will be arriving next week and it includes […]

21 June 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT Storm Legion Expansion Coming This Autumn

After over a year of cranking out tons of content for their MMO, TRION will […]

1 June 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT Infernal Dawn Update Next Week

The eighth update for TRIONS’s RIFT lands next week and there’s a lot to look […]

13 April 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT Maelforge Screens and Lore

TRION has released a few new shots of Maelforge, Dragon Lord of the Fire Plane, […]

22 March 2012 | Comments Off

RIFT v1.8 Shots and Infernal Dawn Video

TRION are busy working away on the v1.8 content update for RIFT which includes the […]

13 March 2012 | Comments Off