Wildstar Telegraphs Explained

In this week’s Wildstar Wednesday Carbine explain exactly what a telegraph is, a nasty red […]

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Wildstar Social Features Discussed

This week’s Wildstar update from Carbine focuses on the social aspects of the  game with […]

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Carbine Reveals Wildstar Player Housing

Carbine are taking the plunge with housing in their MMO Wildstar and today they posted […]

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Wildstar Holidays Detailed

The Carbine team have posted a new blog which looks at a couple of the […]

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Latest Wildstar Update Shows Algoroc

Carbine are ready to show off the Algoroc zone in Wildstar which is all about the […]

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Wildstar Northern Wilds Minibosses

It’s Wednesday which can only mean one thing, a new update from the Carbine team […]

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Skeech Shaman
Wildstar – Beasts of the Northern Wilds

Wildstar Wednesday is back and this week Carbine show dome of the creatures that can […]

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Wildstar Wednesday Brings Hover Bike Shots

Some great looking new shots from Carbine this evening showing off a hoverbike in their […]

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Wildstar Wednesday – Metal Maw Birth Cycle

No he’s not being hatched, but in this latest Wildstar animation diary from Carbine’s Seth Kendall, he […]

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Carbine on Wildstar Quest Text Reduction Process

It’s Wednesday which can only mean one thing, it’s Wildstar Wednesday. Today Carbine’s Senior Narrative Designer  Cory […]

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Wildstar Wednesday – Metal Maw in Motion

Carbine Studios continue their Wildstar boss coverage with Metal Maw one again. In this update Seth […]

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Most anticipated MMORPG 2012
Most Anticipated MMORPG 2012 – Vote Now

We have just wrapped up our most anticipated RPG vote and with some of this year’s […]

Wildstar – Meet Buck

In this week’s Wildstar update Carbine introduces Buck, the human spell slinger, and once again […]

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Wildstar Sarge
Wildstar Wednesday – Sarge Character Revisited

Carbine must be little short on content to share right now and have posted a […]

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Wildstar MetalMaw_Poses
Wildstar Wednesday Metal Maw Update

Carbine are back in action after the holidays with a new developer update which looks […]

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