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New Defiance DLC brings Castithan race tomorrow

Do you really want to play the Castithans? You can from tomorrow once Defiance is patched.

TRION closes San Diege studio

Defiance and End of Nations teams are moving as studio closes. Can the studio’s fortune’s improve?

New Defiance producer updates on Castithan Charge Pack DLC and fixes

Defiance gets a new producer and the Castithan race will be with players soon.

Defiance free trial now available for 72 hours

You have 72 hours to dash around the MMOFPS game world for free.

Defiance Release Date Set

Now the Beta is well underway, TRION has announced that the sci-fi MMO shooter Defiance […]

Second Defiance Beta Weekend Incoming

TRION are set to launch the second beta weekend for their sci-fi MMO Defiance on […]

Defiance Special Editions Priced and Detailed

TRION’s MMOFPS is getting a whole stack of special pre-order editions and it’s also a […]

TRION details Defiance PvP in new video

In the latest developer diary from TRION, the team discuss the open world PvP features […]

Defiance TV trailer sets launch date for April 2013

TRION and SyFy’s TV/MMO tie-in is an interesting concept but whether it will work well […]

Defiance Explained in Video

Want to know more about Defiance? The TRION development team released a new video this […]

TRION Bring Rift: Storm Legion Expansion and Defiance PvP to Gamescom

TRION are going to have a very busy Gamescom this year. On show for the […]