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Grim Dawn
Crate explain how you can now upgrade your Grim Dawn support tier

Looking to add more funds to the Grim Dawn support pool? Crate explains how you can now change your level of support.

New Grim Dawn Shots Show Gameplay

Crate Entertainment show more of their ARPG Grim Dawn which is currently pre-alpha, but with […]

Grim Dawn Alpha in Next Couple of Months

Crate Entertainment has run slightly behind schedule with the alpha test for Grim Dawn  but […]

Rebuild Towns in Grim Dawn with NPCs

Another update from the Crate Entertainment team today as they reveal that NPCs can be […]

Grim Dawn
Crate Reveals Grim Dawn Epic Weapons

Now that Crate Entertainment has supplemented the art team, they have revealed new weapons that […]

Grim Dawn Thorned Horror
Grim Dawn Beastiary Update – The Thorned Horror

In the second Bestiary update from Crate Entertainment for their ARPG Grim Dawn they show […]

Grim Dawn
Grim Dawn Item Sets and Burrwitch Prison

The latest developer update from the guys at Crate Entertainment takes a look at item […]

Grim Dawn
Grim Dawn – Welcome to the Monster Factory

In this week’s developer update from Crate Entertainment it’s time to take a look inside […]

Grim Dawn
Crate Detail the Nightblade in latest Grim Dawn Update

The semi-regular blog update from the Crate Entertainment team working on their ARPG Grim Dawn has surfaced […]

Herald of the Apocaltpse Item Skill
Crate Show Grim Dawn Item Skill Herald of the Apocalpse

The last update from Crate was a little vague but they are back with another […]

Grim Dawn
New Artist Joins Grim Dawn Team and Shows New Art

Crate Entertainment are beavering away on their ARPG Grim Dawn and a new artist has […]

Grim Dawn
Fantastic Grim Dawn Environments on Show

The Crate team are back in the official forums with another update and this time […]

Grim Dawn Harvestman
Introducing the Grim Dawn Harvestman

The latest Grim Dawn reveal from the guys over at Crate Entertainment is a new […]

Grim Dawn
Grim Dawn Update #17 – Kickstarter Complete, So What Now?

Crate Entertainment’s Arthur Bruno has hit the Kickstarter project page again with update #17. Following […]

Max Schaefer
ARPG Devs Discuss the Influence of Diablo on Their Upcoming Titles

Earlier this week, just before Diablo 3 launched, we caught up with Crate Entertainment, Grinding […]