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Gazillion roll-back v1.11 patch on Marvel Heroes servers

The all important v1.11 patch update on the live servers hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Read this to find out what it means for you.

Marvel Heroes
Flame On: Designing the Marvel Heroes Human Torch – Video

He’s hot stuff and also the latest character to be added to Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes
Gazillion opens Marvel Heroes test server

Time to test the new features with the help of a new test server.

Marvel Heroes
New features and Asgard zone coming to Marvel Heroes

More end-game modes and there’s even a digital expansion coming set in Asgard.

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Marvel Heroes packs return with 65% discount

Save a few pennies and snap up some of the more pricey packs.

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes Hero Token drop system changing and new currency being added

Gazillion listen to feedback fromplayers and make major changes by adding a new in-game currency.

Marvel Heroes open beta is live

Gazillion decided to start the open beta test for their ARPG Marvel Heroes a little […]

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Marvel Heroes Shows Off Destruction in New Trailer

One cool feature of Marvel Heroes is the environments which are destructable and this trailoer […]

David Brevik Celebrates Birthday with the Harlem Shake

It’s a dance craze that’s hitting Youtube so David Brevik and the Marvel Heroes team […]

Marvel Heroes Video Dev Diary – Creating a Hero

Gazillion return with a new Marvel Heroes developer video diary and this week they are […]

Marvel Heroes Hands-on Preview

Last week a select group of players joined Gazillion’s free to play online ARG Marvel […]

Gazillion Reveals New Marvel Heroes and Trailer

With New York ComicCon taking place this weekend, Gazillion has revealed more new Marvel characters […]

David Brevik Talks Marvel Heroes and Diablo

In the latest edition of IGN’s Up at Noon, Gazillion’s David Brevik takes to the […]

Marvel Heroes
New Marvel Heroes shots

The closed Beta is expected to kick off on 1 October, and prior to the […]

Marvel Heroes Gets Closed Beta Date

Superhero, Marvel and ARPG fans will be pleased to hear that Gazillion will launch the […]