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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC launch trailer

The latest DLC for ME3 arrives tomorrow in the US and Wednesday in Europe when Shepard […]

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan
Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Confirmed for Summer Release

At EA’s summer showcase they have confirmed that first piece of  single player DLC for Mass […]

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses
Mass Effect 3 Senior Writer Interview

So you all loved the Mass Effect 3 ending right? OK so not all of […]

Level Up Faster in Mass Effect 3 This Weekend

If you plan in getting involved in some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer this weekend then […]

mass effect joker
Gamer Files FTC Complaint Over Mass Effect 3 Endings

There’s no doubt there’s been quite some controversy in the Mass Effect 3 community over […]

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses
Mass Effect 3 Producer Releases Statement to Fans on Game’s Ending

While I have not yet finished Mass Effect 3, I am intrigued to see how […]

IncGamers Mass Effect 3 Review is Live

In the early hours of this morning , John over at IncGamers posted the full […]

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses
EA Update UK Mass Effect 3 N7 Warfare Gear Retailer List

With GAME in the UK now not stocking Mass Effect 3, there has been concern […]

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses
Mass Effect 3 NA Launch Event Locations

If you’re in North America and fancy getting involved with some of the launch events […]

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses
Mass Effect 3 Launches A New Trailer

BioWare released a launch trailer for Mass Effect 3 featuring familiar and new characters as […]

Mass Effect 3
Bioware on Reputation in Mass Effect 3

A new article has been added to the Bioware blog which looks at reputation in […]

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Mass Effect 3′s ‘From Ashes’ DLC Incoming

If you’re excited about Mass Effect 3 then there’s some good news as Bioware has […]

mass effect anderson
Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Twitter Q&A & Kinect Commands

An interview with  combat designer Corey Gaspur and producer Billy Buskell was planned yesterday but due to technical […]

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Mass Effect 3 Interview

John over on the main site recently sat down for a chat with Bioware’s  producer […]

Mass Effect 3 – Special Forces Trailer

As we gear up for Mass Effect 3, Bioware has released a new co-op Special […]