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TRION closes San Diege studio

Defiance and End of Nations teams are moving as studio closes. Can the studio’s fortune’s improve?

Scott hartsman
Scott Hartsman returns to TRION as CEO

TRION entice Hartsman back to take the top job at the publisher/developer.

RIFT Job Losses at TRION

It’s not been long since the Storm Legion expansion was released and there’s some bad […]

Rift Storm Legion
Rift v1.11 Detailed and Play Free From 7-11 November

As we get closer to the release of the RIFT: Storm Legion expansion next month, […]

RIFT: Storm Legion Dev Diary Video

Just ahead of Gamescom, TRION has released a new developer diary for the upcoming expansion […]

TRION Bring Rift: Storm Legion Expansion and Defiance PvP to Gamescom

TRION are going to have a very busy Gamescom this year. On show for the […]

TRION Invites Player Back to RIFT For Free Session From Today

From today, players are being invited back to the world of Telara and RIFT to […]

TRION Shows Off RIFT Storm Legion Art

You’ll have to wait until the end of the year to get a taste of […]

RIFT’s Conquest v1.9 Patch Notes

The latest update to RIFT (v1.9) is gong live and this is the ninth content […]

RIFT Conquest Coming Next Week

The ninth update to TRION’s MMO RIFT will be arriving next week and it includes […]

RIFT Storm Legion Expansion Coming This Autumn

After over a year of cranking out tons of content for their MMO, TRION will […]

RIFT Infernal Dawn Update Next Week

The eighth update for TRIONS’s RIFT lands next week and there’s a lot to look […]

RIFT Maelforge Screens and Lore

TRION has released a few new shots of Maelforge, Dragon Lord of the Fire Plane, […]

RIFT v1.8 Shots and Infernal Dawn Video

TRION are busy working away on the v1.8 content update for RIFT which includes the […]

First Look Inside the Earth Wing of RIFT’s New Infernal Dawn Raid

A new video showing the Earth Wing of the upcoming Infernal Dawn raid which will […]