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Wildstar Gamescom screens galore

More Wildstar screenshots than you can shake an MMO at.

Cabine reveals Wildstar business model

A few options will be available to keep you hooked into Wildstar including the C.R.E.D.D system.

Wildstar races_banner
State of the Wildstar beta update

The development share their latest changes and updates with the community.

Wildstar races_banner
Last two Wildstar races revealed

The mystery announcement for Wildstar is final two races.

Learn how to aim in new Wildstar video

The nuances of actually hitting a target are explained in this new video.

Wildstar Wednesday shows how you can decorate your house

Toilets, tables, beds and more are all on show in this collection of Wildstar player housing screens.

Wildstar Crimson Isle Preview

A little later than usual this week, the Carbine team has put together a rather […]

Wildstar Beta Progress Developer Update

With a few special chosen players now entering Wildstar for the first time, Carbine released […]

Carbine Talk Wildstar MMO Servers

So how does all this MMO server stuff work? Wildstar and Carbine’s David Ray has decided […]

Wildstar Beta Sign-ups Open

If you were not one of the chosen to make the closed beta list then […]

Wildstar Deradune Zone Shots

This week NCSoft revealed that Carbine’s MMO Wildstar will be released this year and today […]

Wildstar Telegraphs Explained

In this week’s Wildstar Wednesday Carbine explain exactly what a telegraph is, a nasty red […]

Wildstar Social Features Discussed

This week’s Wildstar update from Carbine focuses on the social aspects of the  game with […]

Carbine Reveals Wildstar Player Housing

Carbine are taking the plunge with housing in their MMO Wildstar and today they posted […]

Wildstar Holidays Detailed

The Carbine team have posted a new blog which looks at a couple of the […]